My Happy Place.

A Monday Morning Vent!

To you this picture may look like the Salford Quays open water swim is about to take place. If you’re having a glimpse at it. It just looks like a bit of water with some amazing apartments, which it is.

To me: The Quays has played a massive part in my journey to recovery. It’s part of my morning 5k walk. I walk past the 3 bins. Which are now 52 footsteps apart from each other. I know I’m getting a bit obsessed but it works for me.

To me this is my safe place: the northernly breeze, sometimes the rain but this is where I feel like creative ideas pop into my head. Its the place where I get my emails and content done. Its a bit like an open office I suppose and its free so win win!

I think most days I see the same regular people walking dogs, exercising, sometimes dressed up as zoo animals to raise money! Nobody bats an eyelid. Nobody laughs or throws in in sly comments. Everyone is friendly and says morning too!

It seems that most people come to the quays to remove themselves from their busy lives and just try to better themselves. Wanna get fit? Go the quays. Want to relax and walk? Go to the quays!

I started these 5k walks on my 25th birthday. 24th April.
Where I was feeling a little lost, depressed and didn’t really have a purpose.
I found this perfect routine that actually works for me. Got rid of all the bad things, habits, people and just all the negativity. Since the 5th of May I’ve not had a negative thought. I’m super positive and been in best place. Its actually like I’m high on life. I’ve never felt this.

People will take the piss. People will throw sly comments. These people are usually the ones in shitty relationships, cant let go to bad habits. Don’t want to push themselves to be the best they can.

We have one life. Whats the point in having a shit life.

Having a shit job you hate. Being in that relationship where you’re not having sex, you’ve become housemates.
You know deep down you don’t want to be in that place. But since you’ve got used to it and its the normal, you can’t let go.

I’m going to say you don’t know what you’re missing. Time to let go!

Happy Monday, have the best week!

LJ x

2 thoughts on “My Happy Place.”

  1. janet Mcloughlin

    i love this, i too have started a ritual of an early morning walk, alone with my thoughts and plans for the day. Also best before others are up so i can enjoy the tranquility . x

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