Dave Earns Thousands, How Can He Be Depressed?

It’s crazy to think some businesses are totally oblivious mental health in the workplace. we need to step away from this lad and invincible environment. 

Does this sound familiar?

Oh “Dave billed just short of a million pounds last year, he takes home serious money, drives a nice car, his Mrs is a 10, how can he be depressed or anxious?” 

Well let me tell you Mr MD, Dave doesn’t tell you that the last 2 Monday’s he’s had off wasn’t for STI check up  ( because he’s a bit of a lad, doesn’t like just the one woman) or it wasn’t because he injured himself playing non league sport, the team manager (the pub owner) took him to a&e just to check if the ankle is gonna be better for next weeks cup final. (Promised him a free bar if he plays and wins next week)

It’s because he loves a bag on the weekend with the lads , going a bit mad with his hard earned cash, ends up at Someones ‘gaff’ until 7am in a kitchen addressing and sorting out all the worlds problems out. feels shit all Sunday attempts the hair of the dog fights through the Sunday afternoon footie, Monday comes around and boom, the comedown. can’t make it in and you say oh the manager did tell me about your ankle, see you Tuesday, Dave!

You oversee his days off and don’t think twice, why?

  1. He makes you shit loads of money!
  2. Because you probably drink in the pub he plays for and sponsor the team shirts. which is fine, support your local businesses.

This becomes a vicious cycle, Dave performance is dropping, Dave hates being in work, Dave cannot get out of bed, Dave’s perfectly faded hair becomes an awful lid and gets stuck in that ‘growing stage’, Dave’s 10/10 Mrs finishes with him because she can’t be arsed with his new ways and weekend drug benders, she wants a new Chanel handbag and that perfect summer holiday in Mexico, not going on holiday to Ibiza with the lads, you get what I mean…

Mr/Mrs md, just because Dave earns thousands and makes you millions, doesn’t mean He’s invincible from mental health issues. just because Dave earns thousands, doesn’t mean he’s necessarily happy, you may think he is because he earns good money and shows off his lavish life style on the gram and yes take that literally too! 

*Dave ends up taking his own life, due to drug overdose, mortgage debts, gambling debts and his Mrs breaking up with him. yet you Mr/Mrs MD, couldn’t see the bigger picture, you post a picture of him every year during mental health awareness week saying we should have known the signs and will now be proactive towards mental health but yet you keep this vicious cycle with your employees. 

Business owners, line managers and colleagues, check on co workers, that’s all i ask!

The truth hurts right?

(*) There was no Dave related to any self harm, suicide or drug overdose in this. It was all for hypothetical purposes. 

(*) gaff-
noun british slang, archaica person’s home, esp a flat. also called: penny-gaff a cheap or low-class place of entertainment, esp a cheap theatre or music hall in victorian england

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