Aaron onyon becomes an ambassador

Aaron Onyon

Aaron Onyon joins the DMMUK team as our third ambassador. This time we have moved away from professional sports, celebs and people in the public eye. 

We want to make our ambassador program as diverse and inclusive as possible. 

Aaron, based over in the East Midlands, a keen cricketer and finally a reformed character! 

Aaron has an incredible story. How he spent thousands on a drug and gambling addiction to turning his life around through the help of a christian rehabilitation centre. 

Here’s a passage of Aarons journey!

“My mental health was out of control and I couldn’t face day to day life I was drinking heavily and started to use cocaine to make me feel better and take away the pain. This ended up being a daily thing for 9 months and I was spending around 2k a week on the drug and was waisting away. I lost touch with family friends and even stopped playing the game that I loved, cricket. Things got that bad and that out of control that one day I just turned up at home and my family helped me get in to a Christian rehab centre. I went in on the 6th of November 2019 and came out just before Christmas. This place saved my life and gave me an insight in to the Christian faith. I battle my addiction every day but I have been clean now for 260 Days”

When selecting Aaron, it  came very much a shock to him, which was the most rewarding thing ever, he has took a massive personal interest in the brand, shares and engages with our content, but most of all wants to help and make a change.

“Honestly mate that’s nearly had me in tears. It would be an absolute honour to be an ambassador for DMMUK. I think what you are doing is incredible and it has really resonated with me and to see your strength and other peoples journeys has really helped me battle my addiction and mental health. I can’t wait to get started and be on board with such a great charity'”

We have some great plans with Aaron, including him telling his story, having only heard part of it, we know this is going to be real, raw and unfiltered. 

To have Aaron on board, is not only a stepping stone for him, but it’s a real honour for us. He has made some poor life choices, all be it, we all have in the past, but what he has done, how he has changed is nothing short of phenomenal. I’m sure his story will educate and inspire us and many others to take that first step!

Aaron, we are very proud to have you on board with us, here’s to a start of a great relationship. 

Should you want to get in touch and follow Aaron his instagram is : @onyon_bargie

Should you suffer with any addictions or would like some more information:

https://www.gamcare.org.uk/ – Gambling 
www.talktofrank.com – Drugs

Please talk to someone you trust, if you can’t find anyone, talk to us! 

Want to become an ambassador?

To find out how to become an ambassador, please get in touch, you can press the button just to the right of you, to email us directly! 

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