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Don't Mind Us

How often do you hear the phrase ‘Don’t Mind Me’? Song lyrics, TV shows, Podcasts? 

It’s everywhere and you probably don’t even realise. And it has so many different meanings if you read between the lines. 
More often than not we use it as a dismissive response when we’re in someone’s way, we don’t want want to bother someone or someone maybe concerned about us. We NEED to change that. 

Here at Don’t Mind Me we want to show you that it is not weak to speak. We are here for you, we are your friends and we want to listen. 
We want to prove that it’s okay for people from all walks of life to share their stories because everyone has their own, individual mental health battles and you can find friends in people going through similar struggles. 

We do mind you, and we are here.

Our Mission

Our Mission is To Draw A Line Under Mental Health Discrimination, why did we choose this? Simply because it’s happening everyday. Whether it’s a job interview, someone in the park, being at work or at school. Someone is discriminating and the most used phrases are usually ‘how can you be depressed, you’re laughing now’ ‘Don’t OCD people just clean things up’? We know there are hundreds more, but this cannot happen. We want ensure that we’re doing our upmost best to achieve this!


As a Charity, we have have set out objectives that we would like to hit in the near future. By doing this we require your help. From volunteering to fundraising to becoming out corporate partner, if you don’t want to help financially you don’t a simple like, comment or share on our social media is good enough for us! Please take a look below!

  • To partner with businesses around the Manchester area, to open up and sustain a mentally safer city

  • To provide and assist with resources and educational services for families in need or in crisis

  • To provide educational outreach for children, teens and young adults in schools and establishments through personal stories, practical and theoretical evidence

  • To provide access to peer-to-peer mental health groups, both male and female

  • To create partnerships with other mental health organisations with shared aims and goals

  • To provide small grants to support those who find themselves in need as a result of losing a loved one to suicide


  • To make mental health easily understandable, non complicated enabling you to get the help, advice and the information you need all in one place!


  • To open a Don’t Mind Me UK; mental health and well-being hub. Offering counselling, holistic therapy treatments, yoga, workplace training & more

We can only achieve this with our hard work and your assistance, sometimes a share of a Facebook post can go a long way and end up in the right hands! 

our founder

Luke James

Luke  appeared on a BBC Television Program ‘One Hot Summer’. OHS was a reality travel series which 13 different individuals who join each other on a trip around Spain for 4 weeks.
In Episode 3, the gang took part in a ‘ Truth Circle’ hosted by Vegan and Yoga Enthusiast, Yasmin Muzil. Luke opened up and talked his story about his battle with depression and anxiety within the last 12 months which lead to waking up in a hospital bed. 
Since opening up on the TV, Luke has received over 1000 messages globally, follows and comments about how he’s helped people across the globe to seeking help with regards to their mental health.
Coming off the show, Luke had an idea that he wants to create more awareness of mental health around the UK
He created: Don’t Mind Me UK 
 Luke has now spoken to over 2000 business employees and over 200 students from secondary school to universities. Luke has created a well maintained mental health network with both his clients and peers. He looks to take his mission further and further! 

Luke visiting one of our clients: Safety for Design.

some of our clients

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