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Don't Mind Me UK

Don't Mind Me UK is a Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Charity based in Manchester, operating on a national basis. We're on our mission to draw a line under mental health discrimination and become the number one independent mental health service in Manchester developing a mental health gym!

We're All In This Together

We help individuals, businesses, schools and universities break down the stigma around mental health in their lives and workplaces. Working with HR, Directors and Business owners to ensure that their employees mental well-being strategy has been well thought out and not a tick box exercise!

Who we are, in a nutshell..

In a nutshell, we are a mental health charity, just like many others, but how are we different, what makes our work stand out? 
1. We’re personal – We like to get to know you, you’re not a number or a bum on a seat.
2. We don’t care: who you are, what you wear, where you come from and to us, you’re a person with feelings, should you require any support, we will do our best to facilitate that! 
3. We’re not corporate, we don’t use big words when don’t have too. If we visit your school or business, you can take that jacket and tie off  and yes you can leave your hat on. (Sir Tom Jones, 1997)


In the video just across to the right, you can see where it all started for us, Luke was lucky enough to go on a reality BBC Reality TV Show he told the millions of viewers he suffered with severe mental illnesses, they say the rest is history.


Become a partner, get involved!

We work with business from your one man band, to your big 5000+ employees, why? Because we all have mental health. Just like physical health. You can become a sponsor from just £500.00 per year, this helps the keep the business and keeps us adhering to our charitable objectives.
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